Leakage Identification & Elimination Campaign was launched at Star Cement, Lumshnong from 27.05.2016 to 10.06.2016 with an aim to identify and arrest all the leakages from plant to Conserve Energy & Reduce Cost. The leakages were classified into Air, Water, Oil and Material Spillage. A format was developed and circulated to all the staffs so that all the leakage points can be documented in a standard format.

The campaign started on 27.05.2016 morning at SCML.The Unit Head along with HODs addressed mass gathering and acquainted staffs & workers about the losses of leakage in an industry. They also shared ideas and skill to identify & eliminate leakages. For the 1st time the awareness speech was also given in local language (Khasi) for our local employees who were not cognizantof Hindi or English language.

A Technical Committee was formed from different sections who were assigned to identify & eliminate leakages in their respective areas. The concerned team members were also given the responsibility of Safety, Energy Saving & Housekeeping in their areas. It was also decided by the Unit Head that the team who will identify & eliminate most number of leakages will be awarded.

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