Celebration of International Women day
On 8th March 2017, International Women day was celebrated in Star Club with a great zeal where 108 women from Lumshnong village, few women from Jagriti Ladies club and teachers form Vidya Bharati school had actively participated. Keeping in view the international theme “Be Bold for Change” few motivational documentary films were played. However, fun games were also organized and attractive gift items were also given to awardees towards the end of the program.


Health camp
A community health camp was organized 25th February 2017, in Govt. Primary School of Lumshnong village. This multi-specialist curative health service was equipped with six specialist like- Pediatric, gynecologist, Ophthalmology, Dermatologist, ENT and Orthopedic. The event successfully offered heath care service to 545 patients with free medicines.


Awareness camp for wareness programs on family planning at Norphu elaka
From 26th October to 9th November 2016, seven awareness programs on family planning had been conducted in three villages of Norphu elaka. Out of seven awareness camps, five camps were held at Lumshnong village and one camp each in Brichnyot and Tongseng village. The primary objective of these awareness sessions were to aware and motivate the native people, with special focus to woman under the age of 14 to 45 years, on adult education, traditional mind set of family planning, early marriage, social customs and old concept and sensitized the community for uses of contraception devices and other medical appliances.

Awareness camp for hygiene and sanitation
29.11.2016 The entire rural population of Narpuh elaka is under the blanket of open defecation and unhygienic sanitation. Non – availability of modern scientific sanitary toilet, traditional mid set and practice of poor waste management are the primary hurdles of it. Though, under Swach Bharat Abhiyan, modern low cost sanitary toilets are under construction in maximum households of Lumshnong village but, still the community, especially the children and men, are practicing open defecation. With a view to aware and sensitize the community on the aforesaid subject, awareness session had been organized in migrant workers camp of Lumshnong area on 29th November and DCPL school of Lumshnnong village on 3rd December2016. In these both programs, 104 school going kids along with few ladies of that locality had participated.
On this occasion, some video clips were played and on spot quiz and extempore speech competition were also conducted and successful students were awarded through by gift items

Celebration of world environment day
30.05.2016 On 30th May, on the occasion for celebration of World Environment Week, the department of CSR, Star Cement, has organized a daylong awareness program in Christian Secondary School of Lumshnong village. The awareness program was participated by more than 400 students from all six schools of Lumshnong village along with general public of the area. The overall objective of this program was to raise awareness about the importance of the healthy and green environment in the human lives, to solve the environmental issues by mitigating environmental pressures. Inter School quiz competition; cleaning drive and Environmental awareness procession of students were the most attractive activities of the said program.
While addressing to the gathering Mr. S. P Shrimali, unit head of CMCL, star cement says that the department of CSR of Star Cement has been working for the people of its plant operational areas since the days of its inception. The company wishes to do all possible assistance and event for the betterment of people and the planet in coming near future.

Community Hall of Lumshnong
The community hall of Lumshnong village is under construction. This facility expected to accommodate 1000 to 1500 people and will be considered as hub for public gathering for enhancement of social binding & functions and a platform for conservation of art and culture. The construction work of this community hall will be completed by the end of this financial year.

Construction of drains
Support had been provided for construction of drains in Lumshnong village. These drains will play a vital role for out flow of household and surface water and contribute to reduce the number of water borne diseases of the village. However, it also contributes to maintain village decorum and beauty of the village.

Distribution of CGI Sheet
26th April 2016 On 26th April 2016, the people of Lumshnong experienced a heavy thunderstorm and shower which resulted severely damaged many household’s roof. The executive members of Dorbar Shnong Lumshnong had inspected the affected households on 30th April and requested to make an immediate response to assist the affected poor families to renovate their roofs. Considering the urgency of the situation, our team members had made a rapid assessment in all affected households of Lumshnong village (with the help of Dorbar Shnong Lumshnong) and found that 43 households required assistance in cash or kind to renovate their roofs. Considering the situation, on 28th September, CGI roof sheets had been provided to 43 highly affected families to renovate their household’s roof before the advent of rainy season. The distribution of CGI sheets had been done with the help of Dorbar Shnong Lumshnong.

Felicitation of pig rearing farmers
9th September 2016 On 9th September 2016, 21 interested progressive famers of Lumshnong village had been felicitated by Honorable Chairman Shri Sanjay Bhajankaji. These farmers successfully showcased their keen interested on organic farming and animal husbandry and shortlisted for four days residential training on advance pig rearing in RRTC Umran.

Health camp 11th June
11th June 2016 Community Health Camp was organized on. 11th June 2016. in Lumshnong village with an objective to offer curative medical assistance to the people of Lumshnong and its periphery villages. This multi-specialty community health camp was equipped with different physicians like gynecologist, Pediatrician, Eye and Dermatologist. In this daylong program 405 people received medical assistance and free medicines. Out of 405 patients 139 were pediatric, 148 general medicines, 33 eye, 43 Gynecology and 42 dermatology patients.

Health camp 23rd January
23rd January 2016On 23rd January 2016, a health assistance camp had organized in the premise of Christian Secondary School with an objective to offer curative health service with especial focus to those disciplines which physicians are not available in this region and people have to travel up to Jowai, Shillong or Guwahati to visit these doctors. The health camp was organized with the help of six doctors and paramedical staff of our CMCL Hospital. The event was equipped with Pediatrician, Gynecologist, ENT, Orthopadic, Eye and General physician and thus 412 no. of patents were received medical attention and free medicines.

Health camp 27th August
27th August 2016On 27th August, one medical camp was organized and 261 patients from Lumshnong village had undergone for free health checkup and received free medicines. In this medical camp, people were able to get health service in five major disciplines like Paediatric, Gynae n Obst, Eye, ENT & Dermatology etc. 115 number of children were served with free treatment and medicine. Few cases of women’s reproductive age also had undergone gynecological checkup for various problems which otherwise uncared or not even diagnosed.

Health camp Mawkyrwatt
18th February 2016 On 18th February 2016, a medical camp was organized in collaboration with Jakrem -Photjaud Presbytery Social Economic Life Development Association at Primary School of Phot-jaud village, 15 km from Mawkyrwat. The aforesaid organization invited five doctors for this camp and required medicines were supplied by Star Cement. The objective of this event was to provide curative free medical service to village people of greater Mawkyrwat area who have limited access to mainstream medical facilities offered by Government ( PHC ). The Health camp offered free medical check-up to 370 patients with required medicines.

Infrastructure support, donation of plastic chair
18th February 2016 The village Lumshnong is having more than 3200 to 3500 population with 367 households and more than 400 families (as per census 2011) could be considered as a hub for entire Norpuh area. Now-a -days, organizing any inter village social functions, meetings and public gathering for any issues of Nurpuh area is very common for Lumshnong village. Due to shortage of basic infrastructure, it became difficult to receive more than 500 people for any common social cause of the area is a challenge for Dorbar Shnong Lumshnong. However, there is no community hall or common place for public gathering in Lumshnong village. Owing the situation, infrastructure support had been offered and 500 (five hundred) plastic chairs had been donated on 9th Sep in presence of Honorable Chairman and another 500 plastic chairs donated on 15th December 2016 by Mr. Devendra Bansal.

Lumshnong educational tour
8th December 2016 On 8th December 2016, an educational exposure tour had been organized for the students (class viii to x) of Christian Secondary School, Lumshnong. The event was organized with a close collaboration with School management committee and Village Education Committee of Lumshnong village. In this daylong event, total 46 students and 4 teachers were participated and they had visited Regional Science Centre and Peacock Island of Guwahati, Assam.

Pig rearing residential training
8th December 2016 Four days residential training (w.e.f 20 to 23rd September 2016) on advance “pig farming” was organized for 15 interested progressive farmers of Lumshnong village to motivate and aware them on latest advance pig farming methods. The training also keeps the objective to pour knowledge and aware them on high productivity and latest scientific methods of pig rearing, so that the farmers could develop a sustainable business entity.

Scholarship of higher education
8th December 2016 Mr. Shawas Kyndoh S/O Mr. Ngaitskhem Syrti and Miss Iaishah Pynkhlong, D/O Mr. Sedrik Rupai of Lumshnong village received scholarship for higher education for the year 2016-17. Currently Shawas Kyndoh is pursuing Electrical Engineering from BFiT Groupp of Instituitions, Dehradun whereas Miss Pynkhlong is pursuing BDS from Jaipur Dental Collage, Rajasthan.

Shyam Sishu Mandir
8th December 2016 The Children of migrant workers of Lumshnong area has been depriving from basic education since years due to non-availability of education facilities and distance between migrant worker’s camp and primary schools of Lumshnong village. Addressing the necessity of the community and with a view to provide free basic education to the children of migrant workers, on 11th August 2016, a primary school, “ Shyam Sishu Mandir” had been flagged off in presence of CEO, Shri Sanjay Guptaji and other dignitaries of Star Cement. In the initial stage 40 students enrolled in this institute and currently 51 kids are receiving basic education through two teachers.

Tongseng Playground
8th December 2016 Tongseng village’s playground has been up-scaled ’with an objective to encourage rural sports and promotion of art and culture. The area of the said ground had extended from 50 to 70 meter in breath and 90 to 120 meter in length. Currently, the ground is being used by the community for organizing various social functions and playing football.

Vaccination Program for Pigs
817th February, 2016 On 17th February, 2016, one vaccination program for pigs of Lumshnong pig farmers had been organized through Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, khlireyhat, East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya. By this program, all pigs/ piglets of progressive pig farmers of Lumshning got benefitted accessed preventive measures form swain flu and other seasonal diseases.

JUNE 20 -26, 2016 Star Cement volunteered health and emergency services in the recently held occasion of Ambubashi in the vicinity of Ma Kamahya Temple from June 20 to27, 2016. This services is a commitment from Star Cement to serve the devotees during this religious occasion in a continuous basis like previous years.
In the year 2016, the company devoted the efforts of helping pilgrims by extending the services of providing drinking water and emergency health care in case of any health causality requirement.
The Large fleets of volunteers including employees engaged by Star Cement were actively supporting the State Health Department round the clock during this period. In order to facilitate instant health care services, Star Cement collaborate with State Health Department by putting up stall and ambulance facilities to cater continuous services to the devotees

Career Counseling Program – May 29 & June 11, 2016 – Gumoria Pathar School
1. Background
To create general awareness among the students about credibility of the educational institutions and their courses and also to create awareness about probable educational institutes/ courses available for future education

2 A brief report about program
• The program was held on May 29 and June 11, at Gumoria Pathar School . The program was organized for Class X standard students of two schools ie Gumoria Pathar School and Chamata Pathar School
• Total 146 student participated in the program
• Dr. Buljit Buragohain, the career counselor facilitated the session. He shared career information booklet developed by his own and assured to provide individual career guidance to the students in time of need

Star Cement had organized a Student Support Program for school going students of Six lower primary schools of Tetelia on May 27 & June 16, 2016 . This initiative aimed at encouraging rural students to attend school regularly apart from inculcating in them a zest for learning .
Under School Support Program , Star Cement distributed a school kit contains a school bag along with their necessary items for learning. The school kit was distributed among 500 students of Tetelia area of Pub Kamrup District, Assam Schools area Tetelia Lower Primary School, Rojakhat LP School, Namgaon LP School, sakonibari LP School and Bishnupur Kiranchandra LP School & Sankardev Sishu Niketan, Nahargurighat

Educational Infrastructure GGU

October 20, 2016
Star Cement organized a Student Motivational Program for Nine schools located within close proximity of Star Cement Ltd, Chamata Pathar area. Program was held at Auditorium Hall, Bharat Scouts and Guide, Sonapur. Under this program , Star Cement have distributed play kits contains game items like Carom, football, cricket set along with various indoor games besides educational charts to nine schools for the use of the students. The broad objective behind the distribution of play kits is to strike a balance between intellectual and physical growth of school children which is important during grownup stage of every child. Mr. Pradeep Purohit, Mr. Narendra Nimodia from Star Cement were present and encouraged students ,parents and teachers for developing an appropriate environment for student so that intellectual and physical growth of student is possible.

Sri Dhrubajyoti Hazarika, Circle Officer Sonapur, Sri Prasanta Jagannath, Block Elementary Education Officer Dimoria Education Block, Sri Hemanta Das, District Training Commissioner, Bharat Scouts and Guides, Mr. Abul Hussain, Assistant Commissioner Bharat Scouts and Guides Assam were present and they had distributed play kit to nine schools. They have delivered speech to motivate school children to pursue sports and extra curricular activities along with their regular studies.
Over 200 people participated in the program including teachers, students, parents and members from managing committee of the respective schools and people from the nearby villages as well as local organizations of Sonapur area.

School Infrastructure Program at Chamata High School, Chamata Pathar,Kamrup ( Metro) Assam
• A portion of roof was worn out and school authority had requested to replace the CGI sheets .Class VIII to Class X class rooms and Teachers common room will be protected during rainy season resulting high attendance during rainy season .
• The objective of this initiative was to provide infrastructure support to the school so that student will be able to find a conducive academic environment for studies

Aug 03 to 06, 2016 Star Cement had organized Flood Relief Program in Flood affected areas of Dhubri, Lakhimpur & Majuli from Aug 03 to 06, 2016. The objective of this initiative was to provide flood relief to flood affected people. In the above stated districts, few areas were inundated due to heavy flood caused by heavy rainfall, increase of water level in Brahmaputra and crack in river bandh. Due to heavy flood, peple had lost their property, livestock , standing crops cultivated in the paddy field resulting loss of their livelihood.
Total 3500 families were served with relief packets which contain 4 kg rice , ½ kg Dal, 1 Kg Soya bean, 1 packet salt, 1 packet candle with 2 small match box etc. This initiatives covered flood affected families of untouched areas of these districts.
Relief packets were distributed by team of volunteers from Star Cement with the support of local distributors ,village leaders, local youths and representatives from District Administration .


Educational Program Lumshnong

Lumshnong Education

Activity Date & Venue Total Beneficiary Output
Establishment of a School – Shyam Sishu Mandir at Lumshnong Aug 15,
45 student Star Cement had established  Shyam Sishu Mandir at  Lumshnong
Around  70 children of migrant workers will be  benefitted from  Shaym  Shisu  Mandir .Children of migrant workers will be able to access to free elementary education
Students are supported with books, uniform, shoes,
Induction of new teacher April, 2016 onwards Brichnyot  village, RCPL School 63 Students School Authority was of the opinion  to induct one more teacher to deliver teachings to multi grade students in multiclass structured school .
Considering the situation and as per the request of Dorbar Shnong Brichnyot, a teacher had been appointed to teach nursery level students.
School Teacher In  Tongseng village , Star Cement provides financial assistance for the honorarium of one teacher so that school teacher ratio may be maintained  and teachers will be able to give more attention the students
Scholarship Lumshnong , Meghalaya Meritorious students from  plant periphery  are supported with merit  scholarship at Lumshnong village




Sanitation Project , Mekbur Kiprang, Chamata Pathar, Kamrup, Assam
Sanitation Project , Mekbur Kiprang, Chamata Pathar, Kamrup, Assam
Total 10 households of Mekbur Kiprang , Chamata Pathar were supported with construction of low cost toilet who had gone for open defecation. All the target beneficiaries were from Scheduled tribe community fulfilling inclusiveness criteria from social audit point of view.
A Brief Report on Remedial Classes
Remedial class for X standard students was organized in the month of February, 2016 w. The objective of the program was to give tutorial support to Class X students who have appeared 2015-16 High School Leaving Board examination so that students were able to clear their confusions before appearing their exams . The classes were held at Gumoria Pathar High School, Gumoria. Two subjects were covered ie Mathematics and English . The program was held successfully in the month of February , 2016

Star Cement organised a Health camp on July 03, 2016 at Chamota Pathar Lower Primary School . This service is a commitment from Star Cement to serve the local people in the area of health care . Mr. Mukes Saxena and Mr. Pradeep Purohit welcomed all Doctors and villagers on behalf of Star cement.
A team of 14 doctors specialized in Paediatric, Gynae n Obst, Medicine, Gastroenterology, ENT and Eye etc from AMC Alumni Association & Academic Forum had extended their services towards community. Around 500 patients from different villages like Chamota Pathar, Mekbur Kiprang, Bishnupur, Kapalkata and Gumoria had undergone for free health check up and they were provided with free medicines. Dr. Rathindra Bhuyan, Director Health Services was also present during this occasion. Mr. Narendra Nimodia felicitated Dr. Rathindra Bhuyan , Director Health Services

The Large fleet of volunteers from community and employees of Star Cement were actively involved in the health camp. State Health Department , Govt of Assam and local community had supported Star Cement to make the program a success.

School Support Program at Guwahati Blind School
Brief Note about the Program
• Guwahati Blind School is located at Basistha, Guwahati
• Star Cement provides need based infrastructural supports to the school for last more than 7 years
• Star Cement always make an attempt to encourage and support differently able children of the school in the occasion of School Annual Day and Foundation Day. There is a continuous effort to encourage school authority in their noble endeavor of teaching differently able children and make them capable of participating in extracurricular activities
• Regular monthly financial aid is being provided to Guwahati Blind school for hiring a sweeper to make the environment clean and conducive for all students and for teachers round the year

May 27 Star Cement had organized a Student Support Program for school going students of Five lower primary schools of Tetelia on May 27, 2016 . This initiative aimed at encouraging rural students to attend school relgularly apart from inculcating in them a zest for learning .

Under School Support Program , Star Cement distributed a school kit contains a school bag and a set of pencil box with two wooden pencils, scale, eraser, 1 colour pencil set, etc among the school going students. Mr. Pradeep Purohit, Mr. Mukesh Saxena and Mr. Salen Mohapatra from Star Cement distributed the kit among 273 students of five lower primary school ie Tetelia Lower Primary School, Rojakhat LP School, Namgaon LP School, sakonibari LP School and Bishnupur Kiranchandra LP School. A total of 350 people participated in the program including teachers, students and local people from the village and Zila Parishad Member, Kamrup Metro Zila Parishad.

A Brief Report on Remedial Classes

1. Broad Objective :
• To provide a remedial class for X standard students who will appear 2015-16 High School Leaving Board examination.

2.Specific Objective Results (SOR) on (a)
• Students will be able to clear their confusions before appearing their exams . • Economically backward students will be benefited from these classes

3.Brief Report • The school authority , Gumoria Pathar High School has managed remedial classes. Two subjects were covered in the Remedial Class ie Mathematics and English • The teachers were identified by School Management . • The name of the teachers are Sadique Ahmed ( Maths) & Md. Abdul Hassen ( english) • The classes were started from February 6, 2016 . • First 3 days , English classes were held (Feb 06, 07,08 – English )and rest three days were scheduled for Mathematics (Feb 09,10,11 – Maths ) • The duration of classes were two and half hours in each day The program was held successfully.


Star Cement had organized a Student Support Program for school going students of Shankardev Sishu Niketan School, Nahargurighat of Tetelia on June 16, 2016. This initiative has been organized by Star Cement to give an incentive to the rural students to prevent them from absenteeism and show more interest in studies. However, school bags are integral part of their school paraphernalia . Therefore donating school bags means a great boost to their learning endeavor.

Under School Support Program , Star Cement distributed a school kit contains a school bag and a set of pencil box with two wooden pencils, scale, eraser, 1 colour pencil set and Geometry Box, etc among the school going students. Mrs. Rekha Agarwal, Mrs. Roma Purohit and Mrs. Tripti Saxena distributed the kit among 200 students. Mr. Pradeep Purohit, Mr. Mukesh Saxena and Mr. Sailen Mohapatra from Star Cement were present and encouraged students and parents for inculcating zest for learning . A total of 350 people participated in the program including teachers, students, parents and local people from the nearby villages as well as local organizations of Pub Kamrup District.

School Support Program at Guwahati Blind School

1. Broad Objective :
• Guwahati Blind School is located at Basistha, Guwahati • Students mostly belong to economically weaker section of the community • School Annual Function was celebrated on June 30, 2016 • Star Cement always make an attempt to encourage and support differently able children of the school in the occasion of School Annual Day

2. A brief report about program
• School Annual Function was scheduled for 2 days i.e., June 29 & 30,2016 . The prize distribution ceremony and cultural program was scheduled on June 30, 2016 • The prize distribution program was started at 3 .30 pm on June 30, 2016 at Guwahati Blind School, Basistha Renowned personalities from different fraternities and Government Agencies had joined the program asGuests andinvitees • Mr. Pradeep Purohit, as guest of the program from Star Cement had conveyed warm wishes to all guests, invitees, students and teachers, guardians on the occasion of School Annual Day Function • 81 numbers of Prizes were contributed by Star Cement. Star Cement also support school authority in venue arrangement by providing financial support • It was followed by prize distribution among all the students who had participated in sports , cultural competitions during their annual sports . • A total of280 persons had participated in the program, out of which, 81 students, teachers, 50 numbers of ex-students of the School and 71 numbers of guardians were present in the function.

3.Outcome • Star Cement encouraged differently able Students for participating in extra curricular activities of School Annual sports which is a step forward towards overall development of students • Star Cement had supported School authority for organizing the School Annual function in a successful manner.