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In 2004, the slumbering town of Lumshnong in Meghalaya witnessed a new beginning. Cement Manufacturing Company Limited [CMCL] (now known as Star Cement Ltd.) gave birth to the Star Cement brand. Today, Star Cement Ltd. is the pre-eminent producer of cement in the East. With the largest market share, Star Cement is, indisputably, the largest brand in the North-East. Star Cement ventured out of North East in 2013 to Bihar & Bengal. It is now poised to be a leading brand in Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand.

In 2004, when Star Cement was launched in the North-East, the market was dominated by national players and a plethora of local players. From the very beginning, Star was positioned as a premium brand supported by innovative marketing initiatives.

The brand offered a variety of customer services to make a mark in the hearts of end users. A full-fledged technical services department comprising Civil Engineers was formed. Concrete testing vans, site visits for end users and mason insurance scheme were some of the ‘firsts’ from Star. It also introduced the SMS service for technical guidance. Over the years, the bond between Star Cement and end users has further strengthened through site visits, on-site demonstrations and guidance provided by the brand during construction.

Star Cement is manufactured in a sprawling, world-class plant at Lumshnong located in Jaintia Hills [Meghalaya]. Spread over 40 acres, the Lumshnong plant is situated on National Highway 44, 225 km from Guwahati & 125 km from Shillong. The production of the Lumshnong plant is supplemented by that of the spanking new Sonapur plant near Guwahati [Assam]. Today the company has a production capacity of approx. 4 MTPA.

The Lumshnong plant, the largest in the North-East, benefits from its proximity to raw materials, especially limestone. The ultramodern plant, built with technology from Germany, is the last word in precision and quality. The plant boasts of a 24-hour automated camera in the burning zone, an automatic rotopacker machine and a state-of-the-art dry process rotary. The plant is ISO 9001:2000, ISO 18001, ISO 15001 and ISO 14001 certified.

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