Star Cement : An Employer of Choice

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An Employer of Choice

Star Cement’s journey over the past decade has been a momentous one, fringed with success stories and glorious feats. The company has not only established itself as the market leader and most preferred brand in North East India, but also propelling forward as the fastest growing company in Eastern India

Star Cement owes its burgeoning Success Story to its highly talented pool of human assets who have strived incessantly to redefine the standard of excellence through unparalleled hard-work and unmatched determination. Living true to its Mission Statement, Star Cement respects the dignity of its employees and aspires to be respected for the highest level of integrity and human values in the corporate arena of Eastern India. Over the years, people have grown and evolved with the organization and has been bestowed with the best of rewards, accolades, compensation and benefits. As Brand Ambassadors of the organization, Star employees have exhibited impeccable dedication and loyalty in making Star shine big and bright in the Business constellation of Eastern India

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